Still using tape or backup to disk? STOP and VIRTUALIZE!

Today’s needs to be able to recover from a failure or disaster are critical. Everything your organization revolves around inputting data into your computer systems. When one of these systems suffers a failure; when was the last good backup? Who is changing the tapes? Who gets alerted of backup failures or issues? How long does it take to restore your data? Is your data housed offsite?

Traditional disk based backups and tape solutions are great solutions. Tape for instance can rely on a person changing the tapes and often taking them offsite. What happens when this person is sick? What happens when this person forgets? Your data is at risk.

Disk based solutions such as USB hard drives or network attached storage devices typically run to backup and retain data for a specific length of time. Is alerting being done so you know of problems? Are you swapping drives around to have data offsite?

Tape or disk based solutions will retrieve the data in the event of the failure however what do you do when there is not a server to recover to? You have your data with no place to put it until new hardware arrives causing costly down time.


Use Virtualization with backup to disk to maintain data backup and shorter recovery windows.
How it works?

We deploy a backup fast backup device at your workplace. This device is in charge of protecting your data. This device is monitored around the clock eliminating the need to worry about your data protection. This device can backup your data as frequently as 15 minute increments to eliminate data loss. Depending on your needs data can be replicated offsite to a secure facility.
What happens in the event of a failure?

Depending on your data size we can recover your server(s) in minutes. No waiting on hardware. No waiting on tape restores for hours on end. No waiting on someone to bring the tape they left at home. Just your data backup in running in a matter of minutes using virtualization technologies to recover your server back to the way it was from the last snapshot.
I accidentally deleted something?

No problem! Recover from the last backup in minutes. No tapes to search for!

Windows only?

No! Macs and Linux too!

Contact us today for more information on how this very device can save your business time and money in the event of disaster, server failure, or user error!


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