Complete EMR

This is the BEST POSIBLE technology SOLUTION for your medical practice.

Complete EMR from NSR provides your organization with the award winning gloEMR system, the network to run your new EMR on, and all the support you can use… All for a fixed monthly cost! Using our exclusive gloDNA process we will analyze your practice and present you with a customized EMR solution tailored to the way you practice medicine.

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It Won’t Slow You Down.

gloEMR from gloStream is the only EMR with Microsoft Office built right in, so it’s easy to customize and collaborate with staff.


It Pays For Itself

Get a quick return on your investment with $44,000 – $63,750 in Stimulus money, lower operating costs, and a tax deduction.


We’re There When You Need Us.

NSR provides the installation and maintenance of your entire system. You receive unlimited help desk, free upgrades on ALL network software, and new hardware whenever it’s needed.


What We Do

  • Install, Configure, and Manage your gloEMR system.
  • Manage and monitor desktops, servers and network equipment.
  • Install, manage, and update virus and spyware/malware protection software.
  • Install, manage, and update Anti-SPAM & E-mail Continuity software.
  • Install and manage all organization software updates and patches.
  • Manage and monitor server and workstation backups.
  • Manage and update firewalls.
  • Provide unlimited help desk support.
  • Provide an annual technology budget.
  • Provide monthly reviews to align your IT investment with organizational growth.
  • Provide access to IT expertise.
  • Provide you with a Customer Advocate make sure you always receive Uncommon Customer Service.

Best of the Best

Our solution leverages the best tech on the market today:

  • gloStream gloEMR
  • Hybrid Cloud Computing by Intel
  • Onsite Hardware by IBM, Lenovo, Watchguard, and Cisco.
  • Server Operating Systems by Microsoft
  • Experienced Service Professionals by NSR

Additional Options

  • NSR Offsite Backup – Stop using tape, backup to disk, or other antiquated backup systems. NSR can provide secure, reliable, offsite backup for pennies on the dollar.
  • NSR Disaster Recovery – A step above off-site backup. Our solution provides onsite backup and disaster recovery with off-site replication.
  • NSR Business Continuity – Is 30 minutes too much downtime? Our business continuity solutions will ensure that even if your primary hardware fails a secondary system is up and running in minutes.
  • Microsoft Office 365 – Microsoft Office & Exchange Server in the cloud for one month fee. No more office licenses, no more onsite exchange server. Add SharePoint and Instant Messaging and you will wonder how you lived without the Microsoft Cloud.
  • NSR Managed Firewall – Security devices change rapidly, they have to, hackers are always coming up with new attacks. Stop buying firewalls, maintenance agreements, and doing updates. Put an NSR managed security solution by Watchguard in place and put your mind at ease.


Every practice is different. However, pricing for Complete EMR by NSR is easy:

  • Contact Us Today at 866-702-2755
  • Get your fixed cost quote for NSR Complete EMR
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