Social Media Unplugged

The importance of client partnerships and community involvement.

It’s no secret that the world is becoming flatter. Humans across the globe and in their local communities are MeetingUp, LinkingIn, and otherwise forming dynamic groups through social media and this phenomenon we have all grown to love called the internet. We at NSR recognize that this is a wondrous thing and sometimes wonder how we did anything before cell phones and Google, but we also recognize that it is important to develop meaningful human relationships both in the cybersphere and IRL (In Real Life). A thumbs up on Facebook is great but it never beats a live high-five.

NSR believes that it is of penultimate importance to engage your clients as partners in the post-modern economy where mass customization is king and everyone expects tailored good and services. Additionally, we feel it is important to engage the local communities and foster relationships. Our teammates are active on the advisory board of a local school in Las Vegas, providing their talented academic faculty with some insights of trends in the business world, and working with the students to give them hands on experience. We are also co-sponsors (with one of our clients, Rapport Leadership International) of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Running Rebels Kids Club, which furthers our cause by teaming collegiate athletics with children up to 14 years old in the Las Vegas community.

One of the projects we embarked upon this year was to create the A-TECH APPRENTICE program.


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