Passionate Small Business: We Are You

NSR is a small business. We are you. I work for NSR because it gives me the chance to try new things, to innovate, and to work with a great group of people. You work on your small business because you’re passionate about it. So are we.

Yes, I’m a programmer and that makes me an odd duck in the business world. I believe science can help a business. The systematic exploration of how best to reach customers. The systematic exploration of how best to serve them. That’s what I’m passionate about. What technical magic can I apply to this most basic of small business problems? How can a customer find my water drop business in the vast ocean of internet?

Sure, I could talk to you about keywords, your website, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, CMS packages, SEO, SEM, ASP.NET, Ruby, naive Bayesian fitlers, Facebook, Google Adwords, but what really matters is that I share your passion for finding and helping customers. I share your passion for growth. NSR is a small business and we are you.


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