New Intel X25 SSD drives have tech fans and business owners licking their chops

With the technology race raging on faster than ever and smart phones and tablets at the forefront of everyone’s attention, Intel is turning heads back to laptops and PC’s with the release of their new solid state hard drives. Intel’s new X25 line of solid state hard drives, or “SSD’s”, are a cutting edge storage technology that will become the new standard in hard drives in the coming years.

Solid state memory isn’t new. You have most likely seen the technology in the form of a “Flash Drive” or SD card in your phones and cameras. What is new is how Intel has made the technology practical enough to use in larger storage devices like your computer’s hard drive. The major benefit of these new devices is SPEED!

As you may expect, all of us here at NSR were very excited to get our hands on one of these new drives and start putting it to the test. After seeing what these new drives could do first hand, we decided to create a video to show off the performance benefits. In the video you can see the difference the Intel X25-M 120 GB SSD drive makes when compared to the factory stock hard drive.

As you can see, the performance boost is astounding when considering the only upgrade is the Intel X25-M drive. After more testing we noticed a 100 – 300% performance increase on machines when they were upgraded to a new Intel SSD drive. With a price tag of $280, to double and in some cases triple the performance of you PC or laptop, it’s no wonder Intel is turning heads.

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