Is my computer safe?

Just like humans, computers get viruses. Unlike humans, computers, and technology as a whole never sleep. This means the world of threats circulating around our homes and business are always lurking, waiting for the opportunity to intrude our lives and disrupt our ability to work.

How safe do you currently, think you are with your computer? How do you know? What is the answer to protecting our computers? Is there more than one answer?
Yes, and more than one exists!
We will start by talking about one of the most commonly used tools in our technology toolbox that tends to catch us off guard. Web Browsing. This tool is a front-line for where a number of attacks can get into our systems. Several factors one must keep in mind when surfing the web for that new pair of shoes, or researching a cool new gadget that might help our business.
McAfee’s products are here to save the day! With proven tools that are cost effective to help reduce your risks! Let’s take a look at these tools below!

From personal experience, the first item to add to our protection toolkit is a free and very good product from McAfee, called “Site Advisor”. This application is an easy to install product that will help you determine if the site is safe. Installing the software is very easy, and out of the box, it does exactly as it says, which you will see as you install the product illustrated below.

With this tool in place, you will see that your choice of the site you are visiting has been given a rating to assist you with keeping you safe!

McAfee Siteadvisor will give you a green check mark if the site has been reviewed as safe. A yellow check-mark if there is not enough information obtained about the site, and a red check-mark if it is a risk. When placing your cursor over the check mark, it will give you details about the site, and its rating. This application is an excellent tool to keep handy, to keep your computer safe!

The next product McAfee offers is McAfee Security As A Service. This service is an email filtering service that runs externally to your business that inspects all of your incoming email to ensure it is virus free, and not a sender who is a known spammer. Email is always a very easy delivery mechanism for an attacker to deliver an attack, and can even make the email appear as if it is from within your organization. This product puts an end to that worry. Companies I have worked with that have implemented this have seen an overall decrease of spam coming in by approximately 99%!!!

Finally, the most important piece of software you can run on your computer is virus protection. McAfee Virus Scan 8.8 now has Anti-spyware and Antivirus capabilities, protecting your computer and your information around the clock!

Using this powerful trio of products in your organization can guarantee that your productivity is up, and your help-desk calls and computer woes can be kept to a dramatic minimum!

Call NSR today to discuss how these McAfee products can help your organization combat the threats that can endanger your computer!


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