Get the Most out of Your Server Hardware

One of the last things clients think about is the warranties associated with their hardware server purchases. When they want to do a project for the year and the quote is created, many people are looking to keep the costs as low as possible and looking to shave items off wherever possible. The hardware warranty is usually one of those items.

However, when you invest in hardware you want to get the most value out of that capital investment. You want expert support and replaceable parts to keep that server running at peak performance. With the average life of a server extending past the normal 3 year rotation, many clients are keeping servers in production to 4-5 years. It would be nice to offer the client that peace of mind during those extended years.

Well lucky for many IBM server owners, IBM is now offering post extended warranties that can support many different IBM server models. The main features of these maintenance programs include:

• A variety of service levels and coverage options for both parts and labor.

• Global support capability, with over 6,500 service technicians and an extensive parts network with 125 major locations throughout the U.S.

• A variety of service levels designed to meet your specific needs, from 24×7 same day service, to 9×5 next business day services, to depot repair service.

• Warranty upgrade options to enhance your original base warranty.

Warranty upgrade options to enhance your original base warranty.

So instead of looking to delete that line item off the quote, ask how much more it would cost to extend the server warranty and get the most out of your initial purchase. Also, it is not too late to inquire about your current server hardware and see if a specific program would right for you. Adding a few more years to your server life and allowing you a bit more time to budget for a new server is just good business sense.


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