Situation: Today’s needs to be able to recover from a failure or disaster are critical. Everything your organization revolves around inputting data into your computer systems. When one of these systems suffers a failure; when was the last good backup? Who is changing the tapes? Who gets alerted of backup failures or issues? How long does it take to restore your data? Is your data housed offsite?

Traditional disk based backups and tape solutions are great solutions. Tape for instance can rely on a person changing the tapes and often taking them offsite. What happens when this person is sick? …

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Your business critical server is nearing the end of its life due to the hardware warranty period expiring or it is causing slowness for the users at your organization.   You want to keep the server as is without purchasing new Microsoft licensing as you already have made a sizable investment in that volume software licensing.



Using VMware virtualization technologies we can essentially make an exact copy of your old server and move it to new hardware in a matter of hours.  This accomplishes two key things:

1. Your business critical server is moved to new server hardware …

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Jane is reviewing clipart online for her latest monthly newsletter.  She has always gotten compliments on the fun nature of the newsletter and the graphical content in it and wants to be sure this month is no different.  After a few Google searches, Jane finds a link that just may have the content she needs for the Halloween bash this month!  She clicks on the Google link, and as soon as the site open, a pop up immediately appears that states she may have a virus!  What does she do!?!?

We all use the internet to craft special messages to …

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Building on our extensive health care experience and Microsoft Gold Partnership, the NSR networking team is now reselling, implementing, and supporting gloStream’s suite of EMR products.

NSR chose to partner with gloStream for two reasons. First and foremost we believe the gloEMR suite is a powerful and easy to use EMR system that meets the complex needs of physicians and their patients. Additionally, gloStream is focused on a partner model meaning NSR can license, implement, and support gloEMR for you.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the EMR system Microsoft calls “A Contemporary and Intuitive …

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