Are you that person that keeps every email ever written? Do you ever clean out your Deleted Email or Sent Items folder? Do you know how space you have in your mailbox?

Well, believe it or not, most people do not take the time to clean out and manage their Outlook mailboxes or even know how much space they are allotted.

Truth be told, using your mailbox as your ultimate storage space can be overwhelming to yourself, and to your Exchange Server. Just following these 10 simple tips can greatly increase working efficiency and eliminate headaches.

Delete Your Sent Items …

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The “cloud” word is being thrown around everywhere within the IT industry. You may be wondering how my business can leverage this technology. Well, Microsoft is now combining Microsoft software with cloud technology. This offering is called Microsoft Software –Plus-Services, or Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suites.

Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suites (BPOS) is a set of messaging and collaboration tools, delivered as a subscription service, that gives your business capabilities without the need to deploy and maintain software and hardware on-premise. These online services are designed to help meet your needs for a robust security, all day every day …

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One of the last things clients think about is the warranties associated with their hardware server purchases. When they want to do a project for the year and the quote is created, many people are looking to keep the costs as low as possible and looking to shave items off wherever possible. The hardware warranty is usually one of those items.

However, when you invest in hardware you want to get the most value out of that capital investment. You want expert support and replaceable parts to keep that server running at peak performance. With the average …

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