Well, you’re wrong. So there!

Brand Ambassadors, hmmmmm……I know, sounds very pretentious. But they are the people who will talk about you. And who are these strange but wonderful persons? They fall into two tribes:

1. Your employees. Individuals inside your company who are genuinely passionate about what you do. The fakers are easy to spot – just ask them to volunteer on a Saturday and watch their Adam’s Apple.

2. Non-employees. Clients (you would hope!), associates and complete strangers who are also passionate about your products or services.

I don’t care if your company sells Ball Bearings – there …

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Content is anything that’s written and presented on the internet for the audience to read. Content may be of great and also low quality. Great quality content needs to have 2 primary characteristics:

1) It must be user-friendly i.e. it must be able to satisfy the readers.

2) It must be search engine friendly i.e. it must be able to get good rankings on search engines.

Significance of Quality Content

Any person who writes can never disregard the vital role that the content takes on in determining the fate of a website. It is quality content that pulls the viewers …

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The popularity of online video amongst Internet users has meant that more and more business are considering the use of online video to get their product message out to their customers. But popularity is not the only reason why businesses are seeking to leverage the power of online video.

Online video, by its very nature, has more potential to draw and engage audiences through content than traditional text based mediums. This makes online video a powerful tool for building brand awareness.

A good example of how online video marketing has been used to good effect is featured on our client …

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