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The importance of client partnerships and community involvement.

It’s no secret that the world is becoming flatter. Humans across the globe and in their local communities are MeetingUp, LinkingIn, and otherwise forming dynamic groups through social media and this phenomenon we have all grown to love called the internet. We at NSR recognize that this is a wondrous thing and sometimes wonder how we did anything before cell phones and Google, but we also recognize that it is important to develop meaningful human relationships both in the cybersphere and IRL (In Real Life). A thumbs up on Facebook is great but it never beats a live high-five.


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“I want to work on that spreadsheet but I’m stuck at home taking care of a sick kid.”

“I get so confused emailing drafts to myself all the time – which one is the latest version?”

“I flew to Chicago for this presentation and my laptop is dead – with all my files on it.”

We’ve all had similar experiences: Murphy’s Law has put us in the circumstance where we need a file and don’t have it. Nearly all knowledge workers are bound to a their Microsoft Word …

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It’s tough being in a relationship. It’s even tougher when you work separate shifts, and both of you are taking full loads of classes (at separate institutions). Such circumstances do not facilitate seeing eye-to-eye (or seeing each other at all) and such challenges can only be compounded by one of you being highly technical and detail oriented and the other being highly social but removed from her friends and family. All that being said, ever since my wife got her iPhone, things couldn’t be better. Here are some of the ways that her new phone has brought us …

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