8 Reasons I Love my Wife’s New iPhone

It’s tough being in a relationship. It’s even tougher when you work separate shifts, and both of you are taking full loads of classes (at separate institutions). Such circumstances do not facilitate seeing eye-to-eye (or seeing each other at all) and such challenges can only be compounded by one of you being highly technical and detail oriented and the other being highly social but removed from her friends and family. All that being said, ever since my wife got her iPhone, things couldn’t be better. Here are some of the ways that her new phone has brought us together, even when we’re apart:

1) TEXTING. Even though we texted a little bit when she had her old Samsung phone, it was never very reliable, and we never carried on extended conversations. I suspect that this was due to the fact that the T9 configuration, compared to the iPhone’s well-designed software QWERTY keyboard, is downright tedious. In fact many of my friends and coworkers noticed I became much more chatty after I dumped my HTC (which had a hardware keyboard). Whatever the reason, we now find ourselves texting one another on a daily basis, having extended conversations about both trivial and important household matters.

As an IT consultant, I pretty much live and breathe email. I was indoctrinated early with Eudora many years ago, and in the last 20 years it has become a requisite part of my life. I suffer the disease of not storing excess details in my head because I can always refer to the paper digital trail. At work, I can reasonably expect that my coworkers and clients will be willing to read my (sometimes lengthy) emails, but unfortunately, I could never convince my wife of its importance so messages sent to her fell into a black hole of cyberspace. NOT ANYMORE! Now we are consistently emailing one another and including each other on important 3rd party emails such as travel arrangements and family communiqués.

I have been a fanatic about managing my calendar on my smartphone since I got one 5 years ago. I get teased at work about putting all my personal appointments and even my sleep schedules into our corporate Exchange server. I’ve always been after Lauren to update a calendar so I know what days she works, what days she has exams, and so on, and I’ve always dreamed she could see mine. Now, we can! Through the use of the iPhone’s easy Exchange configuration, and ability to handle multiple calendars, we now have immediate access to work and personal schedules, school assignments, and everything else. No more double booking for this family!

Lauren used to frequently take unique and interesting routes to get places, experiencing the city with the innocence and wonder that people who had never been here before could. What I’m saying is, she does not have a good sense of direction. This would frequently result in challenging conversation both when we were together (“which way do I go from here?”) and when we were apart (“Where are you?”). The GPS-enabled iPhone and easy to use applications have made those conversations much easier. The built in Maps application ties neatly to all other apps that have addresses in them, and can handily point anyone in the right direction. Even better, by using the “Find My iPhone” application, we are able to track each other down readily!

I hated her old phone. Every time it rang its 8-bit melodies were like fingers on the chalkboard of my mind. Changing it didn’t help – every sound on that antique piece of electronics was terrible. Due to the split schedules, she set her alarm to go off at all sorts of random times so it was like the equivalent of screaming children and howling cats showing up all the time. The iPhone, true to its roots as an iPod designed for media consumption, has a plethora of pleasing sounds, and as an an advanced computing device, the alarms are much more configurable. Not to mention we now share Pandora stations and watch YouTube in bed.

My wife is one of the most social people I know. She comes from an enormous family with many cousins her same age, who are ALL her best friends. This has allowed me to have an abnormally inflated Facebook profile, but Lauren never wanted to get involved. I would often come home and let her know that someone got married, or had a baby, or was coming to visit us in Las Vegas. I’d been after her for years, but it took the iPhone and it’s easy, everywhere access to convert her. Now, she is usually the first to wish people a happy birthday or respond to their posts, and more importantly, she feels much more connected to her friends and family back home. For the unmarried reader, a simple equation: Happy Wives => Happy Husbands => Happy Marriage!

For Halloween one year, I went as the Wizard of Words. Anyone who knows me (or has made it this far in the post) knows that I am a wordy dude. As a result, I like games such as Scrabble and Boggle. Traditionally, this has led to an imbalance when playing these with the wife, but apparently Lauren was just bored. Unknown to me, she is some sort of lexical genius who at this very moment is probably playing 15 or more WWF games – and winning most of them (including at least half against me). The iPhone has unleashed this sort friendly competition which has enhanced our sense of mutual respect.

I could go on and on about different apps that have allowed us to communicate or enhanced our shared lives (such as GroceryIQ and Siri) but one the greatest things is that now that she can share in my digital indulgences (we use the same iTunes account), many of my expenses are now considered acceptable. I download mostly free or discounted games anyways, but I think that this also creates a much better tolerance from her regarding my iPad purchases… Most importantly , exposure to all these wild and wacky technology outlets has helped my wife to appreciate technology (and with it, her technologist husband) just a little bit more.


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